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Because of our rich cultural background, Pueblo is home to some of the best, most unique cuisine in the state. And Authentic Pueblo Eats, along with our sister Facebook pages and grouped, is here to explore and promote the amazing food culture in the unique greater Pueblo area, which we call home.

We’ll give you and insight into the food culture, people and history of Pueblo’s eateries, from restaurants to food trucks to breweries and bars.

We’ll also share with you old fashioned and modern Pueblo-style recipes made with ingredients like green Chile and local sausages from our old time markets that make our town unique.

We welcome contributions about all things related to food, restaurants and related entertainment in Pueblo, Pueblo West and the County.


Jenny Paulson is the admin, editor and publisher of Authentic Pueblo Eats and the growing family of social media pages, websites and Facebook groups that together feature and market Pueblo and the unique Southern Colorado region. 

Frontier Publishing Company, is the parent company for Authentic Pueblo and it’s other Pueblo-based online and print magazines. FPC has produced independent magazines since 1993, including a ten year independent alternative called Frontier Magazine in Northwest Colorado, and a 20 years of other publications including a multi-state print real estate guide, Colorado/Rocky Mountain Properties Magazine that was retired in 2015.

Jenny Paulson through Frontier Publishing Company, utilizing her own skills and those of a network of talented freelancers, also provides graphic arts, website design, promotional and publishing services.

Contact Jenny Paulson at 719-423-0386 or through our our contact form page.